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Are you looking for a fast, natural and affordable way to cover up grey hairs when you need to go about your business before your next salon appointment? Then, you will be glad to know that using a good temporary hair color will help you maintain your hair color until when it is time to visit the salon again. You can shop for the best brand of temporary hair color product at and get great rates on your purchase!

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Cover Up Grey Hair in the Comfort of Your Home with Greyfree!

Greyfree was developed back in the 1940’s and it was initially sold as barber and beauty supplies, now this product can be used on eyebrows, new growth, beards, mustaches and so on – they are currently available for both women and men for home application. This temporary hair color touch up gives women and men the chance to quickly cover up grey hairs. You will be glad to know that this product is available in different colors to match the color of your hair - shop for different shades of Greyfree colors from

Greyfree is Safe to Use and Washes Out Easily!

You can easily color away the signs of aging with Greyfree temporary hair color! You can count on this product to help you to quickly conceal grey roots, till the time you are ready to hit the beauty salon. You will also be happy to know that this product is not toxic – it very safe to use at home! It also washes out easily with just one wash. This temporary hair color is very easy to apply; all you need to do is to apply the product on towel dried hair. Next, use a blow dryer and use a finishing spray to seal it. stocks up on not just Greyfree, but other top quality beauty supplies as well!

Get Great Coverage and More!

The following are the features of Greyfree:

  • The product is easy to use and is safe
  • It provides a hundred percent coverage
  • It has a matte finish, which makes it ideal for both women and men
  • A little bit is known to go a long way
  • It can be used on eyelashes and eye brows
  • It washes out easily with just one wash
  • This product can be used in order to blend hair pieces and wigs.

You can easily purchase Greyfree and other top of the line beauty products and supplies from at really good rates.

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