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Barrel Hair Brushes

Are you in search of a top quality hair brush that will increase volume and add body while it creates smoother and shinier locks? Then, you will need to include a barrel (also known as round) hair brush to your hair styling tool collection and you can kiss limp, unhealthy and dandruff covered scalp goodbye!

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Create Beautiful and Curls/Waves with Barrel Hair Brushes

Barrel hair brushes are perfect for creating beautiful curls/waves or for women (and men) who want to define their wavy hair. Some women maintain shorter locks and being able to define the curls could be a big problem; this problem can be successfully tackled using a short barrel hair brush. If you have a short curly hair and you wish to define your curls, all you need to do is to simply move the brush through your locks and wrapping the strands around the brush and giving it a little definition. You will get a much better result if you work on the hair while it is still damp. If your hair is straight and you want it to be a little curly, simple apply a little styling gel to your damp hair and wrap it around the hair brush (in sections) and use a blow dryer to dry it.

Barrel Hair Brushes Help To Add Volume to the Hair

Barrel hair brushes have been used by professional hair stylists in order to quickly and successfully add volume to hair and make it come alive! Yes, when the hair is blow dried against its grain, this helps to immediately create volume without wasting too much time. Women with both long and short hair can us this technique in order to add volume to their hair. In order to achieve the best result, hair should be damp (not dripping damp).

Keep Your Hair and Scalp Naturally Healthy

Barrel hair brushes will also help to keep your hair clean and healthy. Selecting the ideal bristle when choosing a hair brush is also a very important factor, hair brushes come in different bristle types. Though a normal barrel hair brush comes with plastic or copper bristles; but if you want a brush that will help you to style and retain also your hair style, then you should opt for barrel hair brushes that come with boar or nylon bristles, or a combination of natural boar or nylon bristles. A barrel hair brush can also be used in order to brush away dandruff from the scalp. These bristles work great in stimulating the scalp to encourage the secretion of natural oils in the scalp to help you maintain a healthier scalp.

Spornette Hair Brushes – Simply the Best!

Spornette is one of the top hair brush manufacturing company in the United States.  Top of the line barrel hair brushes is produced by Spornette. This company has been in the business of providing quality professional hair brushes for over 60 years! If you are looking for a barrel hair brush that will be perfect for you, checkout hair brushes by Spornette.


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