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Vented Hair Brushes

Do you know that a vented hair brush can help increases hair volume, speed up drying time and also help to enhance the texture of your hair? If using a blow dryer is a part of your hair care styling regimen, with a combination of a vented hairbrush and blow dryer, you can count on getting your desired hairstyle pronto!

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Vented hair brushes are valuable hairstyling tools, particularly when you make use of a blow dryer simultaneously. A vented hair brush has opening or between the bristles, the vents allows a lot of heat that emanate from the hair dryer to reach the hair directly. Thus, helping to improve the drying period and lets you hold your hair in certain specific positions in order to achieve faster setting of your hair.   A vented hair brush can help you achieve the Farrah Fawcett’s famous Charley Angel hairstyle. It can also be used in order to help you ensure that your bob stays neatly curled under. Vented hair brushes can also help you to achieve feathered back hairstyle that would give you a glamorous look!

Different Types of Vented Hair Brushes for Different Hairstyles

Vented hair brushes come in different styles. The basic style of vented brushes is either flat or a little rounded, with the bristles in between the vents. The bristles of vent hair brushes are usually plastic, plastic coated metal or simply metal. There are vent brushes that come with tips that are slightly rounded in order to be gentle on the scalp. The round vented hair brush is usually used in order to achieve soft curls when using the blow drying technique, and a couple of these brushes are produced with ceramic or metal and also merge the advantages of vents while they get a little heated. These brushes are known as thermal vent brushes (also simply called “thermal brushes”); when the brush heats up a little during the blow dry process, this helps to create much better curls and shape.

Using Vented Hair Brush is Easy

Using vented hair brushes to style hair is very easy. Firstly, you will need to make use of a comb in order to effectively comb through tangles on damp hair. Damp hair should not be brushed to avoid creating split ends. As soon as your hair is somewhat dry, then use the vent brush in order raise sections of your hair and then style it as desired. Making use of styling gel, spray or mousse will give you an even better result, as these products provide a much better hold.

Spornette – Increase Drying Time, Create Stunning Hairstyles and Standout!

Vented hair brushes from Spornette are known for their quality and durability. Spornette is a fourth-generation run company that specializes in producing professional hair brushes, used by top hairstylists in the business. Spornette has been around for over 60 years and is still waxing stronger! Check out the different vented hair brushes offered by Spornette!


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