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Activ 8 Step 1 Scalp Cleanse 8.5oz
Activ 8

Activ 8 Step 1 Scalp Cleanse 8.5oz

Product Reviews for Activ 8 Step 1 Scalp Cleanse 8.5oz
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Activ8 Step 1 Scalp Cleanse 8.5oz
Hair growth starts with a clean scalp. So what hair products for thinning hair are specifically designed to cleanse your scalp? The Activ8 Step 1 Scalp Cleanse in the 8.5oz size is! The special formula effectively detoxifies your scalp, breaking down and emulsifying waxy sebum and excess oils that can accumulate on your scalp. The sebum and excess oils are later removed with Activ8 Shampoo. Here's the critical issue: Without removal of these by-products, build-up continually weakens your hair. Avtive8 Cleanse is uniquely blended with naturally-derived ingredients to break down unhealthy those by-products and (Dihydrotestosterone) DHT, promoting proper scalp balance.

For best results follow with Step 2, Activ8 Shampoo

  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Color-safe
  • Vegan-freindly
  • pH-nuetral

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Brand: Activ 8
100% Guaranteed Authentic


HGP is a herbal hair loss treatment formula which has proven quite effective in stopping Hair fall for more detail go to
reviewed by: Nitesh Pawar (indore) - 5/21/2013

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