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Barbicide Plus Salon Disinfectant 16oz

Barbicide Plus Salon Disinfectant 16oz

Product Reviews for Barbicide Plus Salon Disinfectant 16oz
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Barbicide Plus Salon Disinfectant 16oz
Keep it clean with Barbicide Plus Salon Disinfectant. This famous blue solution is concentrated in a 16oz bottle with one ounce making 1 gallon of usable disinfectant when cut with water.

Recommended for all metal instruments and chemically-resistant plastics, this high-power disinfectant is not only Tuberculocidal, virucidal, fungicidal and germicidal, but it even contains a rust inhibitor! The fresh-smelling solution is EPA registered and meets or exceeds all state board requirements, making it an ideal addition to your barber shop, spa or even doctor's office.

Are you looking for information about Barbicide? has the Barbicide MSDS(.pdf) information. All BlueCo Brands Barbicide MSDS sheets can be found here: Baricide MSDS

For Barbicide plus disinfectant and a whole range of other barber supplies, trust!

Brand: Barbicide
SKU: KingS-51650
100% Guaranteed Authentic


Barbicide Plus
The diluted solution is cloudy immediately. Is that normal? Plain Barbicide is a clear, pretty blue when diluted. Why the difference?
reviewed by: June Wedell (Eagle River, WI) - 3/30/2013

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