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Barbicide Disinfectant

Do you plan to give yourself or family members haircuts? Then you will certainly need a product that will ensure that your scalp and the scalp of your family members is healthy and free of lice. Barbicide is a well known brand of disinfectant used by hairdressers and barbers in order to keep the styling implements for hair and scalp clean – that way, one can count on healthy hair that is free from head lice. Get Barbicide Disinfectant at a great deal from!

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Reviews for Barbicide Disinfectant 16oz
$5.99 $5.99
1 – 5$5.99
6 – 11$5.49
12 – 23$4.99
24 +$4.49

Reviews for Barbicide Plus Salon Disinfectant 16oz
$26.99 $26.99
1 – 5$26.99
6 – 11$25.99
12 – 23$25.49
24 +$24.99

Reviews for Barbicide Disinfectant 64oz
$18.99 $18.99
1 – 5$18.99
6 – 11$17.99
12 – 23$17.49
24 +$16.99

Reviews for Barbicide Disinfectant Liquid Gallon 128oz
$36.99 $36.99
1 – 5$36.99
6 – 11$35.49
12 – 23$34.99
24 +$33.99

Reviews for Barbicide Spacide Complete Gallon
$58.00 $58.00

Barbicide Disinfectant – The Effective Way to Kill Germs!

Barbicide disinfectant is a very powerful hospital-grade disinfecting formulation used by many hair salons in order to clean and disinfect their styling tools. This disinfecting solution does a really great job of killing viruses, fungi and other pathogens and germs. Barbicide also does a successful job of killing lice. Not all salons can afford to make use of brushes, hairclips or combs once and then get rid of it, when they have to deal with a lot of clients in just one day.  In order to make sure that pathogens carried by one client are not transmitted to other clients through multiple use styling implements. Barbers and hairdressers dip their styling implements into the Barbicide Disinfectant in order to kill any organism on the tools. is where you can buy Barbicide different quantities and great rates!

Give Reassurance with Barbicide Disinfectant!

If you plan to open a hairdressing salon, one way to give your customers some reassurance that they will not leave your salon with head lice or other pathogens is by using Barbicide Disinfectant to clean your styling tools. This will give customers the reassurance that your salon is committed to the health and cleanliness of clients’ hair and scalp. You will be glad to know that the Environmental Protection agency approves Barbicide Disinfectant.  This product is commonly used by salons in order to kill nits and lice that usually end up sticking on styling implements after they have come in contact with someone who has head lice. You can buy best selling Barbicide disinfecting solution at

Get Rid of Germs, Lice and Pathogens!

 Although Barbicide Disinfectant will get rid of lice eggs and lice that find their way on combs and brushes, but you should not use this product directly on your head! This product is not formulated to be used on hair. Barbicide and other safer products for getting rid of head lice, nits and other pathogens can be bought from

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