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Body Drench Argan Oil Body Care 12pc Display
Body Drench

Body Drench Argan Oil Body Care 12pc Display

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Body Drench Argan Oil Body Care 12pc Display

Display Contains 4 of each:
  • Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion
  • Emulsifying Body Dry Oil
  • Replenishing Body Butter

Argan Oil key ingredients and benefits:

  • Vitamin E: Argan Oil is astoundingly rich in Vitamin E; a potent antioxidant that significantly hydrates the skin by restoring its natural barrier and neutralizing free radicals.
  • Essential Fatty Acids: Argan Oil is incredibly rich in essential fatty acids, which have been scientifically proven to be beneficial when applied topically to skin.  Treating sun damaged skin with Argan Oil has been shown to repair tired and distressed skin.
  • Carotenes: Found in Argan Oil, is a precursor to vitamin A, also known as Retinol.  It is effective as an anti-aging ingredient by protecting the skin from sun damage, and undoing damage already done.  It also helps even skin tone and adds a healthy glow.
  • Squalene.  Penetrates skin easily and is absorbed quickly, without leaving a greasy residue.  It does not cause skin to breakout, and is effective in healing scar tissue and preventing stretch marks.

Argan oil remains one of the rarest oils in the world due to the small and very specific growing area.

It takes several days and about 70lbs of fruit-roughly one season's produce from a single tree- to make only 1 liter of oil (worth $120)!

Brand: Body Drench
SKU: AII-20717
100% Guaranteed Authentic


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