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Lice Prevention and Cure

Lice affects millions of heads of hair each year but there are ways to stay protected and cure lice. Check out for Lice Prevention and Cure treatments from trusted brands like Fairy Tales and Lice Detectives.
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Tips to Help Keep Your Child Lice Free

  • Teach them to not share clothing, hats, scarves, coats and hair accessories
  • Use Shampoo and Conditioner created especially for Lice Prevention. Studies have shown that herbs such as rosemary and citronella can help to repel head lice.
  • Keep long hair up in a braid and coated with specially formulated Lice Prevention Hair Styling Products available through
  • Do weekly head checks. Focus on the hot spots “ nape of neck, behind ears and part lines.
  • Using a metal Nit Removal Comb is the best way to remove small nits.
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