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Wax Warmers & Kits

Prepare your body for the summer season with waxing kits from Hair removal wax gives you sustained, smooth results – and thanks to reliable brands such as Clean + Easy, GiGi and Satin Smooth, waxing hurts a whole lot less than it used to. At, you can get the wax, warmer, applicator, collars, oils and cooling gels for one low price. Browse waxing kits below – and remember to pay attention to the type of wax you’re buying (some sensitive areas call for special waxes).

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From Pre- to Post-Wax Hair Removal

No matter what type of hair remover you’re using, it’s important to have the necessary products for every step of the process, from prep to finish. Here are a few waxing kits offers for the waxing professional and waxing newbie:

Shop these waxing kits and other semi-permanent hair removers available at


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