At-Home Waxing Basics: Waxing Kits, Tools & Direction

Waxing unwanted hair at home is significantly different than when it’s done in a salon or spa. This is mainly due to the abundance of tools that are typically available in a salon, but not available in your home. For example, salons are usually equipped with chairs specifically designed for different waxing procedures, making it easier to reach certain areas when your body is in different positions. When you’re using hair removal wax products at home, you’re left to make do with what is sitting around your house.


The Ease of Using a Satin Smooth, Clean + Easy or GiGi Waxing Kit

If you’re venturing into the realm of at-home waxing, the first step is getting a waxing kit. Waxing kits provide all of the essential waxing supplies you need to get started with hair wax removal. There are a variety of waxing kits available, including:

Using a GiGi Waxing Kit

As the preferred brand of wax by many beauty salon professionals, GiGi offers a wide variety of at-home waxing kits and associated products. These comprehensive kits usually include a wax warmer, several collars, at least one type of hair removal wax, a cleaner for your wax pot and wax applicators. Here is a quick look at the process to consider when using one of these kits:

  1. Prepare the waxing area by placing the wax collars on your warmer. Sort your wax applicators, and cut your epilating cloth into appropriate sized stripes.
  2. Heat the wax in your warmer, making sure to not let the hair removal wax get too hot. Wax that is too hot can cause blistering or other negative side effects. The wax should not be hot and runny, but instead be thick and warm when applied to the skin.
  3. Pull your skin tight and apply a thin layer of wax to the desired area.
  4. Apply the epilating cloth and smooth with your hand to ensure it is covering as much of the area as possible.
  5. Quickly remove the epilating cloth, pulling like when you remove an adhesive bandage.

Helpful At-Home Waxing Accessories

There are a number of materials essential to the hair removal waxing process, but there are also several helpful products that simply supplement the process and fall outside the realm of what is usually included in a GiGi wax kit. For example, Satin Smooth offers a numbing spray to apply before you start the waxing procedure. Clean + Easy provides a soothing aloe vera gel that cools and soothes the skin after the waxing procedure. GiGi sells what is called the No Bump treatment, which helps prevent red bumps caused by skin irritation. Especially as you’re just getting started with at-home hair removal, we recommend purchasing items like these until you become more skilled in the process.

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