Facts About Combination Skin

To begin, let’s first talk about what combination skin really is. Combination skin is when two or more skin types develop on your face at the same time. It usually happens on the T-Zone which is the area of your face including the nose, chin and forehead. The most common form of combination skin is when portions of your face are dry and flaky and the T-Zone is oily. Another popular form of combination skin is marked by wrinkles and breakouts or rosacea with dry skin at the same time.


Combination Skin Causes

Combination skin varies from person to person and so does the cause of it. The most common reasons for combination skin, however, are genetics and hormones. Many individuals who experience oily skin during adolescence can experience combination skin later in life. Why is that, though? It is because a specific gland in your body produces more oil on the skin when you are young, but when you enter your late 20s, skin once again changes to create oily skin patches around the lower portion of your face. This is all a result of hormones. Combination skin is fairly recognizable just by the feel of your face. After you have washed your face, you may feel tightness. Your face may also appear flaky in some areas while other areas look shiny and feel greasy.


Treat Combination Skin

There are several ways to treat combination skin and you can start with being gentle. Avoid using bar soap and harsh scrubbing when washing your face. Bar soap contains certain ingredients that can be harmful to combination skin causing it to clog pores or leave your skin dyer and more irritated. Instead, use warm water combined with gentle face cleansers while using your hand to gently cleanse your face. It is also very important to exfoliate in order to help remove dead or dry skin. Most exfoliators can be a little rough because of their scrubbing beads but as long as you apply the solution to your face in a soft and gentle motion, your skin will thank you. Exfoliating will help to rid of dead, dry skin, reduces the risk of acne, and reduces pore size.


Other ways to treat combination skin include remembering that it is crucial to apply sunscreen, no matter the time of year. Sunscreen helps to reduce the risk of skin diseases, skin irritation and wrinkles. As wrinkles are a side effect of combination skin, don’t forget to leave home without putting on a little SPF.

Because combination skin is comprised of different factors, it is best to use separate treatments on separate areas of your face. Just to break it down simply, use dry skin treatments in dry areas and oily skin treatments in oily areas. It is best to treat each issue separately rather than taking a chance on trying to clear dry skin with an oil fighting product and vice versa. Some products can work against your skin causing irritations and clogged pores. So be nice to your skin and treat it with the proper products.

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