How to Choose the Right Hair Clippers: Professional Styling Tools

Whether you’re a salon professional or styling your hair at home, choosing the right hair clippers is important for a successful finished product. Hair lippers differ in several ways including speed, cordless vs. corded units and attachment options. Purchasing low-quality clippers can lead to a host of problems, including snagged hairs and poor quality haircuts. If you’re a stylist, you need professional hair clippers that can handle any male or female client. Fortunately, offers a variety of hair salon and barber supplies, including professional clippers, at affordable prices.

Professional Hair Clipper Options

  • Corded Clippers
  • Cordless Clippers
  • Clipper Blades
  • Haircutting Kits
  • Maintenance Products

What to Consider When Choosing Hair Clippers

When you’re deciding which hair clippers are best for you, there are several essential things to consider. From blade sizes to the ability of the clipper, you want to make sure your purchase meets your needs. Look below to find out what you should be considering while purchasing professional electric hair clippers.

  • Clipper Size: Clipper sizes vary. Some are small, easily fitting in the palm of your hand and can be stored in your medicine cabinet. Other clippers are larger with bases and long cords to extend your clipper reach. If you want small, portable clippers consider the Oster TEQie Hair Clipper/Trimmer.
  • Clipper Speed: Not all clipper speeds are the same, and speed variations can impact your haircut. If you prefer to change the speed on your clippers, consider the Andis BVRG 5 Speed Clipper, which has five variable speed settings ranging from 1900 SPM to 3800 SPM.
  • Clipper Blade Sizes: Many men sit in your chair with a particular guard size or blade size in mind. Ensure that you’re equipped to handle their request with clippers that come with a variety of blade sizes, such as the Oster Azteq 15 Piece Hair Clipper. also offers individual professional hair clipper blades if you’re in search of a particular size.
  • Clipper Guides: To help ensure your cuts are even, professional hair clippers from come with a variety of guides and clipper comb attachments. Consider the Wahl Professional Super Taper II powerful Hair Clipper, which includes eight color-coded cutting guides.
  • Additional Accessories: Many clippers come with accessories such as combs, cleaning brushes, trimmers, blade oil and comb guards. If you’re in need of clipper attachments with your clippers, think about the Andis Elevate Pivot Motor Clipper/Trimmer Combo, which includes a clipper with eight attachments, a trimmer with four attachments, blade oil, cleaning brush and a carrying case.
  • Wet/Dry Options: Clippers that can cut wet or dry hair are valuable in a salon setting. For a clipper that works great on wet and dry tresses, check out the Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Hair Clipper.

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