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China Glaze Safari Collection

You don't have to go the Serengeti to enjoy those beautiful, warm earthy tones you love. With the China Glaze Safari nail polish collection from, you can literally have those rich, lush colors right at your finger tips! So c'mon, shop today!
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An In-Depth Look at The China Glaze Safari Nail Collection

If you are not already familiar with China Glaze nail polish, there is no better time than the present. Known for their overwhelming selection of great colors and their natural chip-resistant formula, China Glaze nail polish is the polish of choice among nail professionals around the world. Another reason people love China Glaze nail polish is for the nail polish collections they offer, such as the China Glaze Hunger Games nail polish collection and, of course, the Safari collection right here!

Nail polish collections are a wonderful concept for a few reasons. The China Glaze Safari nail polish, in particular, is a real knockout. Let's talk a little more in depth about the nature of collections, in general, and what makes this one stand out.

First, collections work because they play upon an individual's predisposition to have an affinity for a particular type of color palette. Some people prefer really bright colors. Some people like pastels. Some people love to rock notoriously sexy colors like reds, slates and browns. Some people prefer earthy organic tones. While each person may by different shades, there is usually a commonality in those colors. That's why nail polish collections work: they gather nail polish with a common thread into one group so that certain types of buyers can be assured they will always have colors they already have an affinity for.

The China Glaze Safari nail polish collection takes this idea and pushes even further by offering significant differences within the collection. For instance, some finishes appear as a matte finish, some have a luxe appearance and other have plenty of sparkle. The approach to nail colors assures customers that, even though the colors are part of the same collection, there is enough variation to accommodate different moods and personalities. It's brilliant, really!

Make your first stop for all your nail salon supplies, including China Glaze nail polish. We make it our mission to carry nothing but professional-grade products at the best prices. Shop today and save!

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