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China Glaze Magnetix Nail Polish

China Glaze Magnetix Nail Polish from gives new meaning the term "attractive nail polish." Used in conjunction with a special magnet, this polish reacts to let you get creative with new and unique designs. Browse our selection today!
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About China Glaze Magnetix Nail Polish

If you have been looking specifically for magnetic nail polish, you may already know that there are several different types available. One of most popular comes from the well-respected folks at China Glaze and is called Magnetix nail polish. Let's take a quick look at how China Glaze Magnetix nail polish works, then talk little bit about how you can get it to work best for you.

In essence, China Glaze Magnetix nail polish takes an already lovely China Glaze color and infuses with minuscule metal flakes, which have a natural magnetic property to being with. When applied, these metal flakes have a brilliant sparkle that, if you did nothing more with your nails, would look simply beautiful. Why settle for simply beautiful, however, when you can have magnificent?

After you have applied the China Glaze Magnetix nail polish, the fun really begins. Over the wet nail, you will hold the China Glaze Magnetix Magnet With 3 Designs tool, which is sold separately. It offers three unique designs and we encourage you to try all three. To get the best results, the professionals here at offer a couple of suggestions:

  1. Do one nail at a time. The ability of the metallic flakes to gather in patterns is the key to this look. The wetter the nail, the less resistance the flakes have. When you paint all your nails first, by the time you take the magnet to the first nail, it is already starting to dry and can return less-defined results.

  2. Be patient with the magnet. In some cases it can take 30 seconds to a full minute to create the definition you are looking for. That said, 30 seconds is a pretty short time to wait for nails that turn out looking so good.

If you are a nail tech or salon owner and would like to resell China Glaze Magnetix Nail Polish, even carries an attractive 12 Piece China Glaze Magnetix Nail Polish Display that will sit right at your station or at the register. Call it an impulse buy if you want, but we find people seem to be drawn to it.

Remember, for all your nail salon supplies, including China Glaze Magnetix Nail Polish, shop today!

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