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Fairy Tales Tear Free Conditioning Shampoo 12oz
Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales Tear Free Conditioning Shampoo 12oz

Product Reviews for Fairy Tales Tear Free Conditioning Shampoo 12oz
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<p><strong>Fairy Tales Tear Free Conditioning Shampoo 12oz</strong></p>
<p>Do you need an effective shampoo that would clean the hair of your youngster mildly? The Fairy Tales Tear Free Conditioning Shampoo has become the favorite shampoo in many families. Enriched with vitamins B and E, this Tear Free Conditioning product is probably the mildest you can get for your younger one. <strong>Fairy Tear Free Conditioning</strong> is also the best way to repel lice while adding shine and enhanced texture to your youngster&rsquo;s hair.  </p>
<p><strong>Special Features</strong></p>
  <li>Gentle cleanser<strong></strong></li>
  <li>Safe for kids of all ages, including babies and toddlers<strong></strong></li>
  <li>Enriched with vitamin B and vitamin E<strong></strong></li>
  <li>Mild formula<strong></strong></li>
  <li>Lice repellant<strong></strong></li>
  <li>Nourishes and improves hair shine<strong></strong></li>
<p>Looking for the most effective lice treatment for your kid? You are already on the right spot. is your popular destination for varieties of lice treatment products for kids such as Fairy Tales lice conditioner, shampoo, combs and more. Place your order right away!</p>

Brand: Fairy Tales
100% Guaranteed Authentic


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