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Gelish Harmony 8pc Acrylic System Starter Kit

Gelish Harmony 8pc Acrylic System Starter Kit

Product Reviews for Gelish Harmony 8pc Acrylic System Starter Kit
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Harmony Acrylic System is design utilizing the latest technology in powder and liquid formulas. FUSION Liquid is developed to brighten and stabilize the color of Hand & Nail Harmony Sculpting Powders with Optical Enhancers. Harmony utilizes optimized hybrid molecules which result in the strongest bond to the natural nail without the use of harsh acid primers while maintaining the ultimate flexibility. Hand & Nail Harmony’s Color Select Sculpting Powders are UV Stabilized and contain Optical Enhancers that ensure colors are true and will not yellow. FUSION Liquid has unique monomer technology that combined with COLOR SELECT Sculpting Powders produces exceptional workability for perfect applications.

Gelish Harmony 8pc Starter Kit

Kit Includes:

  • 2oz Fusion Monomer
  • .7oz Bliss Pink Color Powder
  • .7oz True Clear Powder
  • .7oz Pure White Color Powder
  • .5oz Ph Bond
  • .5oz Probond
  • 20ct Profetto Nail Forms
  • 20ct Nail Tips

Brand: Gelish
100% Guaranteed Authentic


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