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Gelish Magneto Gel Polish and Lacquer

Talk about a gel nail polish that is truly attractive! Gelish Magneto gel nail polish works with a special magnet that allows you to create patterns and designs on the nail. Shop today for Gelish Magneto gel nail polish and save!
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How Gelish Magneto Gel Nail Polish Works

Gelish is known as an innovator in nail salon supplies with their selection of Gelish gel nail polish being recognized around the world. Building off the reputation of brilliant gel nail polish, Gelish has also introduced a truly unique line of magnetic gel nail polishes and nail lacquers. These products offer new design possibilities for nail techs and other creative types who are open to new possibilities.

Gelish Magneto gel nail polish and nail lacquer are polishes that have been infused with tiny metallic particles. These metallic particles serve two very important functions. First, they are responsible for that beautiful glitter look that sparkles like diamonds. Second, the metallic particles have a magnetic property that allows them to be attracted to a magnet, which is where the fun happens.

For the traditional Gelish Magneto nail lacquers, you apply it as you would any other nail polish, going from the cuticle to the free edge. Then you suspend the provided magnet directly above the nail for three-to-five seconds to agitate the particles. You can move the magnet around, if you like, to take designs even further.

If you are using the Gelish Magneto gel nail polish, follow these Gelish Tips and use the magnet for designs right after you appl the polish. Be sure to cure the Magneto gel nail polish under a Gelish LED 18G Gel Nail Polish Lamp for 30 seconds before applying the Gelish Gel Nail Top It Off Sealer.

For a full selection of Gelish gel nail polish, including Gelish Magneto gel nail polish and nail lacquer, shop today.

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