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Gelish Acrylic System

When you talk about products from Nail Harmony, Gel gel nail polish is often the first thing that comes to mind. If you prefer acrylic nails, however, you are in luck. Take a few minutes to explore's collection of Harmony acrylic systems today!
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The New Look of Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails have always had that shiny appeal that make them the go to look for many nail techs and clients alike. Still, there was always that concern about the chemicals used in achieving the acrylic nails look. Now there's Harmony acrylic systems.

Harmony acrylic system was created using the newest cosmetic advances in both liquid and powder formulas. The Fusion liquid brightens and stabilizes the color of Harmony sculpting powders for the most vibrant and even look possible. Further, Harmony's use of unique hybrid molecules takes that vibrant look and solidifies it with the strongest possible bond to your natural nail, all without the worrisome acid primers and chemicals that other manufacturers use.

When you talk about the color of acrylic nails, you know that yellowing can sometimes be a problem. Harmony's Color Select Sculpting Powders, however, are UV stabilized and created with optical enhancers that maintain the initial brightness colors have at application, giving you a better look for longer!

Harmony took everything you love about acrylic nails and made it better. For all your Harmony acrylic system needs, shop today!

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