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Gelish Cleanser | Soak Off

The biggest advantage to gel nail polish is that it offers a lush look for weeks. For this reason, gel nail polish requires special gel nail polish remover to get your nails clean. offers Gelish cleanser and soak off at low prices.
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Total Care for your Gelish Gel Nail Polish

More and more ladies are turning to gel nail polish for two main reasons: 1) the high-gloss look offers a shine that is simply unmatched and 2) gel nail polish is resistant to normal, everyday wear, such as chipping and flaking. All the advantages of gel nail polish, however, actually comes from several related products that all work together. In this corner of, we sell two of those very important Gelish products: Cleanser and Soak Off.

Gelish Cleanser is the last step of the Gelish gel nail application. It follows the application of the Gelish Foundation Gel, Gelish gel nail polish, and Gelish Top It Off Sealer. The Gelish Cleanser acts as a sort of wax that cleans up any tackiness left on the nail after the sealer has been cured under the Gelish LED lamp and leaves an absolutely brilliant shine!

If you are thinking about using gel nail polish, you must also get the Gelish Soak Off gel nail polish remover. The process that gives gel nails that stunning look and durability also created a very thick viscosity that also takes conventional nail polish removers forever to break down. The special formula in Gelish Soak Off gel nail polish remover is chemically designed to break down the bonding agents in Gelish gel nail polish, foundation gel and sealer so that you can get your nails clean and prepped for your next gel nail polish application! also offers multiple sizes of Gelish Cleanser and Soak Off so you can get just what you need no matter if your are an at-home user or a nail tech who sees clients all day long. It's just one more reason you can trust for all your nail salon supplies.

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