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Gelish Sealer | Polish Cleanser

Sure, you want nails that look great, but you want healthy nails, too. To maintain strong nails and get the most from your Gelish gel nail polish, pickup Gelish foundation, sealer and structure gel at today and save.
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Maintaining Strong, Healthy, Beautiful Nails

Do your nails feel weak or frail? Gelish Harmony Gel Nail Polish Structure Clear Gel can help build up the thickness of your nail or repair a damaged nail plate with ease. Just apply the structure gel and then hold your nails under a Gelish LED lamp for 30 seconds, resulting in strong, healthy nails. When you need to remove the structure gel, you can do so quickly with Gelish Soak Off Gel Nail Polish Remover.

Many women adore gel nail polish for not only the glorious shine, but also for the durability. When properly applied, gel nail polish can last up to three weeks with no chipping or peeling! The initial thought may be that something in the gel nail polish itself makes that happen. In fact, it has more to do with the foundation below the gel nail polish and the sealer that goes over it.

When the nail has been cleaned and prepped, the first step to getting the gel nail polish look comes with the application of Gelish Foundation Base Gel. This foundation gel creates a chemical environment that, when interacting Gelish gel nail polish, forms a very strong bond that makes the polish so resitant to chipping. Remember, following the application of the foundation gel, you'll need to cure the gel under a Gelish LED lamp before applying the gel nail polish.

After you have applied the Gelish gel nail polish and cured it under the LED lamp, you will need to apply the Gelish Gel Nail Polish Top It Off Sealer and cure it under the LED lamp. This top coat seals the gel nail polish to help protect against everyday wear and chipping or flaking that can start at the free edge of the nail.

At, we carry a huge selection of Gelish products so that you have everything you need to get that beautiful look, while maintaining strong, healthy nails. Should you ever have a question about our Gelish products, or any of the nail salon supplies and hair salon supplies we carry, please contact on of our customer service representatives at 1.866.747.2440 (Mon - Fri: 9am to 6pm EST). We'd be happy help you!

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