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Gelish Gel Nail Polish

With the assortment of Gelish gel nail polish colors and textures available from, you're sure to find the color that matches your taste and style. We also offer a host of related gel nail polish products to get the look you love.
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Applying Gelish Gel Nail Polish At Home

You love the look of Gelish Gel Polish; after all, that's why you are here. If you have never applied gel nail polish, you may be in for a bit of a surprise. While the act of applying the polish is very similar to applying traditional nail polish, there are more steps involved both before and after the application of the gel nail polish itself. These added steps are not only what gives gel nail polish that beautiful shine, but they are also what makes gel nail polish so resistant to chipping or flaking for up to three weeks!

Following are the simple steps required when you use Gelish gel polish to get that lovely, salon-perfect nails look at home:

  1. File your natural nail to an attractive shape and apply Gelish Foundation Gel, which creates a strong bonding surface for the gel nail polish;
  2. Place your hands in one of our Gelish LED lamps for 10 seconds to dry the foundation gel;
  3. Then, choose from a wide array of stunning Gelish gel nail polish colors and apply it as you would a traditional nail polish, going from the cuticle to the free edge of the nail;
  4. Once again, place your hands under the Gelish LED lamp for another 20 seconds to dry the polish;
  5. Seal your eye-catching color by applying the Gelish Gel Nail Top It Off Sealer, and place your hands under the LED light for a final 30 seconds;
  6. Finally, buff those shiny nails to a bright shine with Gelish Gel Nail Polish Cleanser, which also helps to remove any tackiness that can come from nail polish application.

That's all there is to it! To get started, simply browse our full selection of Gelish products here at for what you need and get ready to shine!


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