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Gelish Gel Polish

Are you interested in getting professionally done nails without leaving the comfort of your home? You will be happy to know that you can achieve the professional-looking manicured nails that you want without taking a trip to the beauty salon. All you need to do is to apply the Gelish gel nail polish on your nails and you will be good to go. You can purchase this necessary nail beauty product from!

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Applying Gelish Gel Polish at Home is Easy!

Every beauty forward person knows that Gelish Gel Polish are a hot nail beauty product. For those who have not applied gel nail polish before, they will be glad to know that the process is not rocket science. The process of applying this particular nail polish is pretty similar to the process of applying the regular nail polish; however, you will need to follow certain steps prior to and after applying the gel nail polish. Following the necessary steps will not just make the gel nail polish shine beautifully, but it would also ensure that the nail polish will not flake or chip off for up to 3 weeks!

Getting the Salon-Perfect Nail Work with Gelish Gel Polish 

It is very possible to get the beauty salon nail work at home when you make use of the Gelish Gel Polish. The process of achieving perfect nails with Gelish Gel Polish is easy!

  • Start by filing your nails to the desired shape and then apply the Gelish Foundation Gel – this product will create a firm bonding surface for when you apply the gel polish;
  • Place your hands/fingers in the LED lamp for a period of ten seconds in order to get the foundation gel to dry;
  • Choose your favorite Gelish Gel Polish color and then apply the same way you would apply the regular nail polish.
  • Then, place your painted nails under the LED lamp for a period of twenty seconds in order to get the polish to dry;
  • Seal in the color by simply applying the Gelish sealer and then place your hands under the LED lamp for thirty seconds.
  • Lastly, buff the nails to a radiant shine using the Gelish cleanser.

You can get the Gelish Gel Polish and all the other products needed to get the perfect nails at home from! 

Get Beautiful Nails At Home…Always!

With the Gelish Gel Polish you can count on getting great looking nails right from the comfort of your home. You can choose from a wide selection of Gelish gel nail colors, and other Gelish product at!


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