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IBD Jet Led 110 V  Nail Lamp
IBD Just Gel

IBD Jet Led 110 V Nail Lamp

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IBD Jet LED 110V Nail Lamp
Looking for an easy-to-use LED nail lamp? Look no further. The IBD Jet LED 110V Nail Lamp saves time and energy with a 10 - 60 second timer and on/off sensor. This little powerhouse cures all gel nail polish and maintains a uniform light cure for more than 50,000 hours of use.

The ergonomic design features and adjustable lamp height makes switching between manicures and pedicures a breeze.

Shop for IBD LED and UV nail lamps as well as a full selection of nail salon supplies today.

Brand: IBD Just Gel
SKU: AII-61112
100% Guaranteed Authentic


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