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Infinity Hair Fibers For Thinning or Balding Hair for Men and Women 14 gram

Infinity Hair Fibers For Thinning or Balding Hair for Men and Women 14 gram

Product Reviews for Infinity Hair Fibers For Thinning or Balding Hair for Men and Women 14 gram
Get ready for a revolution in hair products for thinning hair: Infinity Hair Fibers. This special complex was developed by using Nano Fiber Technology. These incredible fibers build upon your existing hair to offer dramatic density and volume while simultaneously offering undetectable coverage to your thinning areas. Best of all, Infinity hair fibers apply in just 30 seconds or less. (Bottle Size - 14 grams / 0.49oz)
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Infinity Hair Fibers are natural hair fibers that conceal the appearance of thinning hair in men and women alike.

Simply the best hair fibers for thinning hair, Infinity hair fibers are comprised of natural materials, making them not only safe, but also giving them a completely natural and organic appearance. Made to quickly bond with your existing hair, Infinity hair fibers work effectively to blend in, restoring your youthful look. It is as simple as shake, style, and go! With no mess or excess residue, the best choice in hair products for thinning hair is clear: Infinity hair fibers.

How Infinity Hair Fibers Work

Infinity hair fibers use nano-fiber technology to create a long-lasting bond between your existing hair and these unique keratin hair fibers. Simply shake the bottle of Infinity hair fibers over the areas where you are experiencing thinning hair or balding and see the difference in seconds! Infinity hair fibers hold tight even when you perspire, yet easily wash out the next time you wash your hair so you have complete control over your appearance at all times.

No matter your hair color, Infinity hair fibers are for you as they are offered in 10 colors, including: black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, dark blonde, light blonde, auburn, cinnamon, gray and white. To ensure accurate application, Infinity hair fibers come in an attractive easy-grip soft touch rubber container.

Order Infinity hair fibers in the convenient 14g size today and save.

INGREDIENTS: Cellulosic Nano Fibers.

Brand: Infinity
SKU: Infinity14g
100% Guaranteed Authentic


This is the best!!
I had ordered another similar product I've used for sometime. A rep called from BigDaddy and asked if I would like to try the Infinity brand instead. Glad I did. The fibers are much finer than the other brands so I'm more satisfied with the coverage. Only drawback, which has nothing to do with product effectiveness, is that since the fibers are so fine, they seem to float thru the air and leave a light dusting on my counter.
reviewed by: Yvette (Simi Valley) - 8/29/2013
Awesome Product!
I usually use a different brand and I bought Infinity dark brown and it works awesome for me!  
reviewed by: Kim (Honolulu) - 1/29/2013
Color way off
I bought this due to the many 5 stars and what others was saying about this new product. well got it and was excited until I put it on my head. I got the black color and it was like blue black. I am a black male and it wasn't even close to even being black. I called Big daddy and the lady who wasn't very helpful said "Well this is the darkest color we have.Sorry that your hair isn't black enough. My hair is normal black and this is blue black. Wasted my money. These review must be employees for this product.
reviewed by: TG (SC) - 12/24/2012
AMAZING Product!!
Infinity Hair Fibers has given me my confidance back! At 34 yrs old I was saddened when I discovered my hair was thinning already. My stylist recommended Infinity Hair Fibers.I started with the 3gram bottle to see if I would like it and after my first use I immediately ordered three of the larger bottles. What a great product. ( I ordered Dark Brown and it matched perfectly)
reviewed by: Elizabeth (Fraser, Michigan) - 11/23/2012
I have hair again!
Infinity fibers have become a life saver! My hair is beginning to thin at the top and I have become very self-conscious but with Infinity you would never know my hair is thinning.
reviewed by: Pam (Naples, FL) - 11/20/2012
Love It!
People forget that women can get thinning hair and as a woman with thinning hair I am grateful for this product because Infinity has renewed my confidence as a woman! The color is just right and the fibers hold on really well to mine and my husband’s existing hair.
reviewed by: Saundra G. (Aliso Viejo, California) - 11/20/2012
Best product hair thinning product on the market!
Infinity is great!
reviewed by: Dawn A. (Brea, California) - 11/20/2012
My husband has thinning hair and I purchased this product for him but I noticed some thinning in a few areas on my head so I started to use Infinity now we are both satisfied customers.
reviewed by: John M. (Upland, California) - 11/19/2012
A Life Saver!
I was once considering a hair transplant but I know it is not the most affordable procedure. But thankfully I found Infinity hair fibers. They cost MUCH less and work just as great. The fibers hold on to the hair that I still have and although they are not permanent, they will stay until washed out. For anyone who is experiencing thinning hair and considering getting a hair transplant don’t do it! Just get Infinity instead!
reviewed by: Robin V. (Pompano Beach, Florida) - 11/17/2012
Thank you Infinity!
Amazing product! I give it two thumbs up!
reviewed by: Lula S. (Chattanooga, Tennessee) - 11/16/2012
Infinity Makes Me Feel Pretty Again!
My hair has always been very fine and thin. This thickener does a terrific job of covering up my bald spots. I wouldn't be without it.
reviewed by: Debbie K. (Des Plaines, Illinois) - 11/14/2012
Infinity Hair Thickening Fiber
Great product. Works well on African American hair.
reviewed by: Sarah W. (Irving, Texas) - 11/14/2012
Cant Live Without It
Satisfied customer.
reviewed by: Diann P. (Jonesboro, Arkansas) - 11/12/2012
My Goodness!!
My goodness, I was so excited when I found your product INFINITY, and I'm truly impressed with the results! If I was wound up yesterday thinking of all the potential INFINITY has, you should have seen me this morning when I did the Before and After’s, LOL! Hard to believe...I'm totally speechless :-), and so impressed with how natural, and easy INFINITY is to work with!! Feel free to crop & and clean up any of the pictures I send to you and use them if you wish.
reviewed by: Vicki (Milwaukee, WI) - 11/10/2012
Just What My Mom Was Looking For.
I wish my hair could grow back but at my age, that’s not possible. However, these fibers have worked wonders with creating the look that my hair has grown back. Infinity also goes on really fast and easy. There is no science to applying it, all you have to do is basically just put it on your head wherever hair is thinning.
reviewed by: Robin V. (Coconut Creek, Florida) - 11/10/2012
Best Purchase all Year
A+ product. A must buy for all thinning and balding men/women.
reviewed by: Patti W. (Pawtucket, Rhode Island) - 11/9/2012
Really Happy With The Results!
Thanks to the power of Google, I came across Infinity fibers and have fallen in love. I am impressed by how natural my hair looks when I use it and of course all my friends and family are impressed by me looking like I have added a few years onto my life!
reviewed by: Tisha A. (Tamarac, Florida) - 11/8/2012
Seeing Is Believing!
The product is a really good price. I am very satisfied.
reviewed by: Estela H. (Utica, New York) - 11/8/2012
WOW is all I can say
I’m amazed by this product! Unaware of how thin my hair actually is, the fibers made my scalp appear much deeper in color and realistic to full growth.
reviewed by: LJ (Auburn Hills, MI) - 11/7/2012
Help For Thinning Hair.
This is the coolest looking bottle of hair fibers I know of! Good job, Infinity.
reviewed by: Molly E. (Decatur, Alabama) - 11/7/2012
I Liked It.
I wasn’t sure my hair would look so good being that I am grey but Infinity looks very, very natural! I am happy with my Infinity.
reviewed by: Deloris U. (Coral Gables, Florida) - 11/7/2012
Infinity is way better than Super Million stuff
I made the switch from Xfusion over to Infinity and I absolutely love this product. It is a better product by far and greater coverage.
reviewed by: Gladys Y. (Colton, California) - 11/7/2012
I tried another hair fiber product in the past but Infinity works significantly better! It looks more natural and I like the fact that it doesn’t create clumps if I’m touching my head. I’ve told all my thinning hair buddies about it and they are converting too.
reviewed by: Charlotte Z. (Orange, California) - 11/6/2012
Infinity is way better than Toppik
I really love Infinity Hair Thickening Fiber. It does give my thin, fine hair a boost but it also covers my thinning spots. I feel more confident. Thanks. Infinity for Ever!!
reviewed by: Carissa Q. (State College, Pennsylvania) - 11/6/2012
Help In Time Of Trouble
Infinity hair fibers are kind of like colored powder for your hair. It is a light substance that is really great at creating the effect of natural hair. It goes on quickly and easily and stays in place event when it’s windy!
reviewed by: Billy A (Chicago, IL) - 11/4/2012
Gives Me Confidence
Infinity fibers have become a life saver! My hair is beginning to thin at the top and I have become very self-conscious but with Infinity you would never know my hair is thinning.
reviewed by: Janna K. (Alamogordo, New Mexico) - 11/4/2012
Really helped my thinning hair
I am starting to bald and I don’t want people to know. So happy I discovered this product because no one has noticed my loss of hair. Infinity really works.
reviewed by: Hattie C. (St. Cloud, Minnesota) - 11/4/2012
Excellent Product
Using Infinity Hair Fibers is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is shake the fibers on the area of hair that is thinning then style hair however you would like. After styling use the fiberhold spray to add some sheen.
reviewed by: Lori (Illinois) - 11/3/2012
Best Yet
There are hair products for thinning hair and then there are hair products for thinning hair that actually work. Infinity Hair Fibers are hair fibers that do an amazing job of making hair look totally natural and eliminate the appearance of thinning hair or balding.
reviewed by: Vince S (Nor Cal) - 11/3/2012
Best Product Ever!
Infinity Hair Fibers are an amazing product working to make hair appear more natural. This product can be used on both men and women who are experiencing thinning hair. Plus they stay in place all day long even when you sweat.
reviewed by: Sue L (Las Vegas, NV) - 11/1/2012

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