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Infinity Hair Fibers For Thinning or Balding Hair for Men and Women 28 gram

Infinity Hair Fibers For Thinning or Balding Hair for Men and Women 28 gram

Product Reviews for Infinity Hair Fibers For Thinning or Balding Hair for Men and Women 28 gram

Get ready for a revolution in hair products for thinning hair: Infinity Hair Fibers. This special complex was developed by using Nano Fiber Technology. These incredible fibers build upon your existing hair to offer dramatic density and volume while simultaneously offering undetectable coverage to your thinning areas. Best of all, Infinity hair fibers apply in just 30 seconds or less. (Bottle Size - 28 grams / 0.99oz)

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Infinity Hair Fibers are natural hair fibers that conceal the appearance of baldness and thinning hair in men and women alike.

Simply the best hair fibers for thinning hair, Infinity hair fibers are comprised of natural materials, making them not only safe, but also giving them a completely natural and organic appearance. Made to quickly bond with your existing hair, Infinity hair fibers work effectively to blend in, restoring your youthful look. It is as simple as shake, style, and go! With no mess or excess residue, the best choice in hair products for thinning hair is clear: Infinity hair fibers.

How Infinity Hair Fibers Work

Infinity hair fibers use nano-fiber technology to create a long-lasting bond between your existing hair and these unique keratin hair fibers. Simply shake the bottle of Infinity hair fibers over the areas where you are experiencing thinning hair or balding and see the difference in seconds! Infinity hair fibers hold tight even when you perspire, yet easily wash out the next time you wash your hair so you have complete control over your appearance at all times.

No matter your hair color, Infinity hair fibers are for you as they are offered in 10 colors, including: black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, dark blonde, light blonde, auburn, cinnamon, gray and white. To ensure accurate application, Infinity hair fibers come in an attractive easy-grip soft touch rubber container.

Order Infinity hair fibers in the convenient 28g size today and save.

INGREDIENTS: Cellulosic Nano Fibers.

Brand: Infinity
SKU: Infinity28g
100% Guaranteed Authentic


nfinity Hair Fibers For Thinning or Balding Hair for Men
reviewed by: mr. abid (ahmedpur east) - 4/21/2014
clumps on scalp
It looks good when first applied but as the day goes on it starts to clump on the scalp. :(
reviewed by: Dave (canada) - 11/21/2013
I tried this and used sparely and loved it. Now I've experimented and learned to use the right amount and it is absolutely astounding at how thick my hair looks! It lasts for days and I don't have to wash my hair and fix it everyday just to cover up all the thin spots! It's like being a NORMAL person! Absolutely wonderful. Such a joy to feel like my hair looks nice and full. I don't think the fibers are good for you to breathe so I use a small face mask when I put it in my hair and that helps. I would suggest that folks be careful about ingesting these fibers into their nose, mouth and lungs, just can't be good for you. Still I would not give this product up, just take some precautions. If you are on the fence about trying a product like this - be sure you get one with quality like this one. There are others out there, but this one works and the colors are very good. You absolutely cannot see these in your hair and there is no odd coloring even when you are outside and in the sunlight.
reviewed by: Linda (Texas) - 10/10/2013
Just went to the barber and complained to him for years asking if I could get a spray or someething, he finally told me last night he had a surprise for me. After my cut, i took a pic of my hair, he then proceeded to sprinkle some stuff on it, then PRESTO! I had thick hair. the best thig is it was raining out, I went home and my wife couldn't beleive it! it holds up to wind/rain and works great. Just placed my order :)
reviewed by: Mo (Toronto, Canada) - 4/10/2013
Recommended by a friend-I am so glad I found this little miracle in a bottle! Love it!! Color was perfect match for me and application was very quick and simple. I will for sure purchase again and I will for sure recommend!
reviewed by: Lori D. (Michigan) - 12/13/2012
Best hair fibers out there
I've tried a few different brands over the years, and they all "worked". These Infinity hair fibers look and feel more natural than the others. Sticking with this one.
reviewed by: Chet (Marquette, MI) - 12/11/2012
Creative product
I admit I was drawn to this product because of the style of the bottle. I have never seen a product like it before. But I am also very pleased with the results.
reviewed by: Saundra G. (Aliso Viejo, California) - 11/26/2012
I am totally impressed by how these hair fibers work. They look and feel natural and no one knows it’s not my real hair.
reviewed by: Tisha A. (Tamarac, Florida) - 11/25/2012
Works on all hair types
I wasn’t sure if the product would work on African American hair but I’m glad I tried it. It doesn’t make my hair look unnatural at all. It makes my hair look full and thick. Really good product.
reviewed by: Diann P. (Jonesboro, Arkansas) - 11/25/2012
Happy female customer
I am a female with thinning hair and it is hard to deal with hair loss sometimes but with Infinity I have been able to regain confidence. This product is really amazing because it really creates the look of real hair! My husband actually just began using Infinity as well and loves the results too.
reviewed by: John M. (Upland, California) - 11/24/2012
Good for grey hair
Infinity works on grey hair! This is one happy customer!
reviewed by: Sarah W. (Irving, Texas) - 11/22/2012
Recommended to Infinity
I was recommended Infinity by a friend and I am very thankful for the recommendation! Infinity results have been great!
reviewed by: Debbie K. (Des Plaines, Illinois) - 11/22/2012
Fast and easy
I am getting older so my hair is beginning to thin. At this age it would be hard for it to fully grow back so I use Infinity now. Infinity is a great product that goes on really easily and quite fast.
reviewed by: Robin V. (Coconut Creek, Florida) - 11/20/2012
Great price
I am a very satisfied Infinity hair fiber customer and I really like the price!
reviewed by: Estela H. (Utica, New York) - 11/17/2012
Better than other hair fibers
I have tried other hair fiber products before but Infinity just seemed to work better for me. It looked a lot more natural and the color perfectly matches my real hair color. I recommend this product to everyone I know with thinning hair.
reviewed by: Charlotte Z. (Orange, California) - 11/16/2012
Before and after pics are great!
I posted before and after pictures on Facebook and everyone was so amazed that I was able to get a full head of hair just from a small bottle. Infinity really works and it can certainly make you look like a whole new person!
reviewed by: Patti W. (Pawtucket, Rhode Island) - 11/16/2012
Infinity is great
Great product with great results.
reviewed by: Lula S. (Chattanooga, Tennessee) - 11/15/2012
Barber approved
I asked my barber what I can do about my thinning hair problem and he suggested I use Infinity. I am really happy with how my hair turns out when I use it. It really looks like I have a full head of hair and I’m about 10 years younger. Great product.
reviewed by: Larry M (State College, Pennsylvania) - 11/15/2012
No longer self conscious
My hair is thinning so I am self conscious sometimes about going in public. My family knows about my thinning but I don’t necessarily want everyone else to know. That’s why Infinity is a perfect product to mask my hair loss.
reviewed by: Janna K. (Alamogordo, New Mexico) - 11/14/2012
Don’t try a hair transplant
A friend suggested I look into getting a hair transplant. I did research and it looked like a pretty good option but in the process I came across Infinity and I’m glad I did. Although the fibers aren’t permanent, Infinity makes it so my hair looks real! And the cost of Infinity is a fraction of the cost of a transplant. Much better option!
reviewed by: Robin V. (Pompano Beach, Florida) - 11/14/2012
I love this product!
Infinity hair fibers are the best ever! Thank you!!
reviewed by: Dawn A. (Brea, California) - 11/14/2012
Thank you for this product!
I don’t want people to know my hair is starting to thin. My family and a few friends know but with Infinity now strangers and coworkers think my hair is completely natural. That’s how good it looks when I shake on the fibers. Thank you, Infinity!!
reviewed by: Molly E. (Decatur, Alabama) - 11/14/2012
Very amazed!
It is really amazing how Infinity works. You would never know I was using hair fibers to make my hair look full. I tell all my friends with thinning hair about it now.
reviewed by: Mike M. (Coral Gables, Florida) - 11/14/2012
Best thing ever
I am one happy customer. These hair fibers are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time!
reviewed by: Hattie C. (St. Cloud, Minnesota) - 11/13/2012
Returning customer
I will certainly be a returning Infinity hair fibers customer. It is a great product with perfect results. I can’t believe how natural my hair looks now. 
reviewed by: Gladys Y. (Colton, California) - 11/13/2012

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