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Malibu Algae Clay Exfoliating Masque 3oz

Malibu Algae Clay Exfoliating Masque 3oz

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Malibu Algae Clay Exfoliating Masque 3oz
From the line of Malibu skin care products comes Malibu Algae Clay Exfoliating Masque. This special formula naturally draws sebum, toxins and impurities out of the skin by binding them to the clay molecules and gently yet effectively cleansing them away, leaving skin feeling silky smooth and purified.

Use this masque to soothe and improve the appearance of skin affected by acne, blemishes, comedones, milia and combination skin.

The secret is in the wellness ingredients, which includes:

  • Bentonite Clay, which is the purest form of bentonite, a natural earth clay known for its highly absorptive properties;
  • Pikea Robusta Extract (Red Algae) that inhibits the formation of free radical nitric oxide and reduces inflammatory response in the skin;
  • Aphanizome non Flos-Aquae Extract (Blue Green Algae), which is a powerhouse of minerals, amino acids and vitamins, including vitamin B12;
  • Salix Nigra (Willow) Bark Extract - natural anti-bacterial agent;
  • Kaolin (China Clay), which helps to extract toxins and impurities from the skin while refining texture;
  • Panthenol (also known as Pro Vitamin B5) that is a moisture-enhancing agent that converts to pantothenic acid in living cells and is important in the role of cell renewal;
  • Chlorophyll that helps improve the appearance of skin affected by inflammation, bacteria and acne; and
  • Allantoin, which accelerates cell repair and helps wound healing; moisturizes and soothes skin.

For a full line of Malibu shampoo, hair conditioner and skin care products that are 100% vegan and made to protect your hair from harsh chemicals and minerals, shop today.

Brand: Malibu
100% Guaranteed Authentic


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