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Malibu Scalp Wellness System Kit

Malibu Scalp Wellness System Kit

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Malibu Scalp Wellness System Kit
The Malibu Scalp Wellness System Kit is a total wellness solution formulated to control and prevent symptoms associated with scalp conditions that include dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, cradle cap, thinning hair and more.

This popular kit includes Malibu Scalp Wellness Shampoo, Malibu Scalp Wellness Hair Conditioner and Malibu Wellness Actives for Dandruff/Eczema (4 packs). In combination, these elements offer a total solution that immediately relieves flaking and itching to soothe irritated, dry scalp to help return you scalps skin to its normal exfoliation rate.

It's the ideal solution for those who battle the effects of chlorine and bromine from pool water as well as the many chemical that can be found in hard water, such as calcium, iron, copper and magnesium. The gentle sulfate-free formula means it can even be used on young children.

For a full line of Malibu shampoo, hair conditioner and skin care products that are 100% vegan and made to protect your hair from harsh chemicals and minerals, shop today.

Brand: Malibu
100% Guaranteed Authentic


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