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Marilyn Brush Flatter Me Too Brush Boar Bristle 2.5
Marilyn Brush

Marilyn Brush Flatter Me Too Brush Boar Bristle 2.5"

Product Reviews for Marilyn Brush Flatter Me Too Brush Boar Bristle 2.5
$30.00 $30.00


Marilyn Brush- Flatter Me Too Brush- Boar Bristle 2 1/2"

  • Excellent brush for curly hair.
  • Perfect for straight styling of coarse or thick hair.
  • Get flat iron results without the iron!
  • Perfect for volume and body.
  • 100% natural boar bristles with nylon bristles.
  • Bristles in a 90 degree angle- gives less motion.
  • Stylish bottle green color, with a green foam handle for a better grip.
  • Enlarged neck in the handle so the hair won't get caught in the union of the wood and the foam.
  • Better styling in less time. The hourglass shape achieves full contact of the brush bristles with the hair and the scalp. This contact gives a much wider brushing area than with regular brushes.
  • The angle in the hourglass shape gives you more control by preventing hair from sliding out of the brush bristles during styling.
  • With this brush a greater number of bristles reach the hair roots, stretching and pulling them up to the heat of the blow-dryer, achieving fuller looking hair.
  • Better finishing of the hair ends. The middle area of the barrel has a smaller diameter than the ends of the barrel, allowing the hair ends to wrap around firmly. With this firm grip, the hair ends are more controlled.
  • The professionals choice!

Brand: Marilyn Brush
100% Guaranteed Authentic


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