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Medicool Large Barrel Bits

Medicool is a trusted brand among nail technicians. That’s why we carry Medicool products like Medicool Large Barrel Bits and more at Shop today for Medicool products for all of your manicure and pedicure needs.
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With such a large selection of brands in nail salon supplies, it's important to shop around for the best. has a wonderful selection of Medicool products including nail drills, buffing tools, diamond bits, along with many others!

One great product is the large barrel coarse grit pedicure bit. This bit is used with a Medicool nail drill during a pedicure. It removes corns, calluses, cracks and fissures of the heels. The large bit is recommended to be used only on dry feet before being soaked. Another option is the large barrel fine grit pedicure bit. This bit is also used with a Medicool nail drill for a pedicure on dry feet prior to soaking. These bits are used for gently removing excess product, shaping and filing the nail. Also, these large barrel bits are ideal for shaping the perfect c curve and getting rid of the white smile line.

So if you're trying to get that great pedicure the best and easy way (by removing unwanted calluses, corns, cracks or fissures), check out our large selection of Medicool nail salon supplies. proudly offers a fantastic selection of Medicool products at great products. Shop for your beauty products with us today!

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