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Oster Clippers & Trimmers

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Reviews for Oster Finisher Hair Trimmer
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Doin' the 'Do with Oster Hair Clippers and Trimmers

Hair clippers have always been a staple in an barber shop or hair salon. Now more than ever, it seems, those buzzers are coming into play more than ever. While they have been the go-to tool for cleaning up the nape of the neck, more adventurous hair styles for both men and women are making use of hair clippers.

The buzz cut. The high and tight. The flat top. The mohawk. There is no shortage of mens hair cuts that rely heavily on the use of hair clippers. More and more, however, balding men are opting to buzz their hair short for a more controlled look that places less emphasis on their thinning hair and the result looks a lot less... "combover-y".

Recently, women's styles have been leaning more heavily on hair clippers as well. Whether for thinning sides and back to accentuate fauxhawk looks or to go right to the skin for a rock star look, what was once considered hair styles for men are cropping up increasingly on women. This, of course, makes your hair clippers an even more indispensable tool.

At, we want to see you prepared to sculpt and style any look. That's why we offer a tremendous selection of hair salon supplies, including Oster hair clippers. Have the right tools makes all the difference in the world. Get yours today at

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