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Pedisavers Triple Pack  Individual Toes Anklet Pedicure Socks 1pr each of Black White Pink

Pedisavers Triple Pack Individual Toes Anklet Pedicure Socks 1pr each of Black White Pink

Product Reviews for Pedisavers Triple Pack  Individual Toes Anklet Pedicure Socks 1pr each of Black White Pink
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Pedisavers Triple Pack - Individual Toes Anklet Pedicure Socks 1-pr each of Pink, Black, White

Your toes are tingling with delight after a leg and foot massage. Now before getting your nails painted, just slip into a pair of Pedisavers. Not only will Pedisavers help moisturizers work longer, but there's also no need for uncomfortable toe separators. Pedisavers will keep you toasty warm as you put on your flip flops and make your way home, in any kind of weather!

Pedisavers are made of the highest quality polyester rayon and spandex. Treat Pedisavers like your normal high quality apparel and wash after each use.

Brand: PediSavers
SKU: PediSavers-TriplePack
100% Guaranteed Authentic


Good Quality
I purchased one of the individual pairs and instantly fell in love with these socks. Decided to buy a three pack so my daughters can each have a pair too. I was able to keep warm and not ruin my pedicure. Good quailty product too, I washed it a lingerie bag and then just let them air dry.
reviewed by: Renee (Iowa City) - 2/13/2013
pedisavers are perrrrrfect
It's cold outside and my pedicured toes are warm!
reviewed by: Happy Feet (Michigan) - 2/1/2013
These look unusual, but nonetheless , do the job superbly
PediSavers are great! Furthermore do just exactly what they say, maintain your pedicure. I actually put them on just before I polish my nails to still move all around easily and also be toasty warm as my nail polish dries.
reviewed by: Madeline R. (Sammamish, Washington) - 9/17/2012
They things seem amusing, and perform the job remarkably
Right After I got my own initial pair of PediSavers I fell in love with the way that they make my feet truly feel. These are definitely really comfy whilst keeping my new pedicure intact so I could drive the car comfortably when I exit the beauty salon. I actually have also started picking up PediSavers as presents for good friends and additionally they fall in love with them also!
reviewed by: Cathryn C. (Albany, New York) - 9/15/2012
I will definitely grab this product again.
After I received my own very first pair of PediSavers I simply fell deeply in love with the way that they make my own tootsies truly feel. They are simply truly comfy while keeping my pedicure intact in order to commute in comfort when I leave the beauty salon. I've also started picking out PediSavers as birthday gifts for friends and family and they also really love them also!
reviewed by: Milagros R. (Meriden, Connecticut) - 8/26/2012
They appear silly, but work exceptionally
I would recommend PediSavers to each of my own valued clients. They're an ideal product but more desirable when considering the autumn months along with winter months. Whilst toes are typically drying, PediSavers keep tootsies toasty warm and lock moisture in from the pedicure.
reviewed by: Angelina X. (Orland Park, Illinois) - 8/22/2012
Gr8 way 2 keep toes warm & pedi pretty!. I use ped
Gr8 way 2 keep toes warm & pedi pretty!. I use pedicure socks when it's cold out to keep from ruining my pedicure by covering up my feet. They keep my feet and ankles warm but don't mess up my freshly polished toes. Pros: Effective, Lightweight, Easy To Use Best Uses: Women
reviewed by: anonymous () - 11/14/2010
Okay Product. [...]Product is not quite what I exp
Okay Product. [...]Product is not quite what I expected. I thought it would also eliminate the need for toe separators with a pedicure. Really difficult to get over small toe. Not sure I would recommend this product. Haven't used with a pedicure yet. Pros: Lightweight Best Uses: Women
reviewed by: Tara (Chicago, IL) - 10/25/2010

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