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Salon Skins Decorative Barbicide Jar Wrap: Burlesque
Salon Skins

Salon Skins Decorative Barbicide Jar Wrap: Burlesque

Product Reviews for Salon Skins Decorative Barbicide Jar Wrap: Burlesque
Fishnet and leopard print are both sexy and sassy looks that will turn your styling station into something unique. Make it happen with Burlesque Salon Skins to cover your Barbicide jar.
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This sexy Burlesque Salon Skin features fishnet and leopard print. What more could you ask for? This particular Salon Skin takes a combination of all things sexy and girly and puts them into one, making your disinfectant jar the talk of the salon.

Salon Skins are a modern way of thinking in salon decor. Salon Skins is the Official Barbicide skin and wraps around the larger 37oz Barbicide jar. Sold in many attractive designs for any sophisticated salon atmosphere, Salon Skins offer hassle-free application and removal and may be switched regularly for brand new patterns to keep the style new and fresh! Turn your disinfectant jars into designer disinfectant jars with Salon Skins from Order today!


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