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Salon Skins Decorative Barbicide Jar Wrap: Cheetah
Salon Skins

Salon Skins Decorative Barbicide Jar Wrap: Cheetah

Product Reviews for Salon Skins Decorative Barbicide Jar Wrap: Cheetah

If ever an animal was born to run, it’s the Cheetah. Wrap your Barbicide Jar with the Cheetah Skin and show your admiration for this beautiful, land sprinter.

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The very sexy and chic “Cheetah” print Salon Skin will definitely accomplish the task of making your Barbicide jar the talk of the beauty shop! This Cheetah print disinfectant jar cover scores big points for being sassy, edgy and downright adorable! So bring a touch of the wild to your salon décor with the ever-chic Cheetah print Salon Skin – this is one nature-inspired print that is guaranteed to get approving nods!

This cool, attention-grabbing designer disinfectant jar cover will NEVER go out of style! You will be glad to know that this classic Salon Skin also features indestructible graphics that will guarantee the print design to look like new….always! You can place your order from NOW!


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