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Salon Skins Decorative Barbicide Jar Wrap: Monarch
Salon Skins

Salon Skins Decorative Barbicide Jar Wrap: Monarch

Product Reviews for Salon Skins Decorative Barbicide Jar Wrap: Monarch
Transform your Barbicide jar into a beautiful butterfly garden with Monarch Salon Skins, and show your love for one of the Earth’s most beautiful creatures.
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The Monarch butterfly is one of the Earth's most beautiful and unique creatures. Now you can take that beauty and bring it to your salon with the Monarch Salon Skin wrap for your Barbicide jar, making it a designer disinfectant jar in just seconds!

Salon Skins are a completely fresh idea in salon design. Salon Skins is the Official Barbicide skin and fits around the big 37oz Barbicide jar. Offered in a multitude of creative styles for a fashionable salon atmosphere, Salon Skins provide easy application and removal and may be changed on a regular basis for brand new patterns to keep the appearance all new and fresh!


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