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Salon Skins Decorative Barbicide Jar Wrap: Ribbit
Salon Skins

Salon Skins Decorative Barbicide Jar Wrap: Ribbit

Product Reviews for Salon Skins Decorative Barbicide Jar Wrap: Ribbit
With Ribbit Salon Skins, let this little guy jazz up your Barbicide jar. Frogs are funky, cool creatures and a great way to add some fun to your shop.
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If you fancy yourself a frog lover, then you are sure to leap for this Ribbit Salon Skin from Let this little guy be just the thing to take that traditional Barbicide jar and make it a designer disinfect jar in seconds. Add a little fun to your salon or shop with this adorable Ribbit Salon Skin today.

Salon Skins represdent an innovative way of thinking about salon decor. Salon Skins is the Official Barbicide skin and fits around the larger 37oz Barbicide jar. Offered in lots of attractive models for any sophisticated salon setting, Salon Skins offer you hassle-free application and removal and may be changed repeatedly for brand new styles to keep the style new and fresh!


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