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Seki Edge Deluxe Toenail Clipper
Seki Edge | Adonis

Seki Edge Deluxe Toenail Clipper

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Seki Edge Deluxe Toenail Clipper

All-in-one toenail clipper great for everyday needs! With a built-in nail catcher and nail file, it makes cutting nails easy, fast, and convenient!

Where style, technology and substance meets!Our nail clippers are amazing precision tools. Nail clipping has beenfor a long time an unpleasant chore mostly due to the tool notperforming. Therefore you have come to accept the poor cutting qualityof most budget clippers. Unfortunately, for those of us with very hardnails, the cheap clippers can cause splitting and tearing of the nail,and usually leaves a rather rough edge.

We use a grinding process called "edging" which is extremelydifficult to duplicate. "Edging" is the technique of grinding the metalto create a sharp tip. Using a grinding belt, the amount of pressureapplied is done carefully which requires a master technician's touch,not an automated machine. The art of grinding is not only a science butan art.

Manufactured from the highest quality materials by experiencedJapanese craftsmen, each Seki Edge® implement is guaranteed to performto expectation. Select your Seki Edge® implement with confidence.

****All implements are final sale items****


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