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Shampowder  Hair Powder for Black Hair 5g

Shampowder Hair Powder for Black Hair 5g

Product Reviews for Shampowder  Hair Powder for Black Hair 5g
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Shampowder- Hair Powder for Black Hair 5g

  • Instantly revitalizes hair.
  • Absorbs oil.
  • Iron oxide pigmented powder blends naturally with a variety of hair colors.
  • Adds body and bounce.
  • Enhances manageability.
  • Light vanilla scent deodorizes hair.
  • Based on pure baby powder.
  • Less washings equal healthier hair.
  • The first product of its kind, with a convenient brush applicator- delivers the perfect amount of product exactly where you want it.
You're always on the go...and always want to look your best. There's not always time for a shower, but there's always time for Shampowder. Just a sprinkle is all it takes to add life and lift to hair. Shampowder is perfect for the girl on the go!

Brand: Shampowder
SKU: Shampowder-Black
100% Guaranteed Authentic


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