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Spornette Hypnotique Paddle Brush Purple 5902

Spornette Hypnotique Paddle Brush Purple 5902

Product Reviews for Spornette Hypnotique Paddle Brush Purple 5902
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Spornette Hypnotique Paddle Brush (Purple)
The hypnotique design of the Spornette Hypnotique Paddle Brush paddle is very eye catching! It's more than just a "pretty face," though, as the gentle extended nylon bristles and pure boar bristles are excellent for detangling any hair texture. This is a professional size "Brush Out" brush that is great for for scalp and hair conditioning.

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Brand: Spornette
SKU: SPOR-5902
100% Guaranteed Authentic


Favorite find all year
I have preferred this hair brush for quite some time. I actually have checked out many others, and yet none seem to be as functional as the Spornette hypnotique paddle brush purple 5902. You realize high quality as soon as you really feel it.
reviewed by: Celeste A. (Greensboro, North Carolina) - 9/24/2012
Very pleasant. Decent product.
This type of brush is really mild which is a great benefit. My children request this type of brush. I really like how it always makes my locks look considerably shinier.
reviewed by: Krista X. (Westminster, California) - 9/18/2012
Favorite pick all year
I have used this particular hair brush for a few years. I actually have used other ones, yet unfortunately not any of them are nearly as pleasant as the Hypnotique paddle brush purple 5902. You know quality after you experience it.
reviewed by: Keisha A. (Dublin, Ohio) - 9/9/2012
Best choice this season
This type of brush happens to be delicate and that is a big help. The children request this amazing hair brush. I really like just how it helps make my head of hair appear a great deal shinier.
reviewed by: Deloris U. (Carson City, Nevada) - 8/27/2012
I would absolutely get this item all over again.
This type of hair brush happens to be delicate which is a big help. The kids want this excellent brush. I love just how it tends to make my hair look significantly more shiny.
reviewed by: Selma O. (Dover, Delaware) - 8/19/2012
Best order all season
This specific brush happens to be mild and that's a great benefit. My kids ask for this specific brush. I really enjoy the way it always makes my own tresses appear considerably more shiny.
reviewed by: Harriet D. (Gilroy, California) - 8/9/2012

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