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Spornette Wonder Brushes

For back brushing, creating volume, and teasing it's no wonder that everybody is talking about Spornette Wonder Brush Hair Brushes from Combining Tourmaline-enhanced nylon bristles with pure boar bristles, Spornette Wonder Brushes offer the best of both worlds. And offers is at great prices.

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Reviews for Spornette Little Wonder Brush Boar and Tourmaline Nylon Bristles #111
$8.00 $8.00
2 – 3$7.50
4 +$7.00

Reviews for Spornette Big Wonder Brush Boar and Tourmaline #131
$10.00 $10.00
2 – 3$9.00
4 +$8.50

Reviews for Spornette Little Wonder Extended Handle Teasing Brush #111-EH
$9.00 $9.00
2 – 3$8.50
4 +$8.00


Create Fab Hairstyles with The Little Wonder Hair Brushes

Backcombing (also known as back brushing) in order to achieve runway worthy hairstyles can be achieved with Little Wonder hair brushes from Spornette. Yes, back brushing can help you achieve really cute hair bumps; it is important that you use a teasing brush with boar bristles in order to get a really smooth finish. The Little Wonder teasing hair brushes are designed to be used on small sections of locks at a time.

Back Brushing with Little Wonder Hair Brushes to Achieve More Volume

Little Wonder hair brushes can be used give hair more volume. Back brushing with a Little Wonder teasing hair brush is easy, simply separate the areas of hair that you want to give a little volume into little sections. Ensure that the separated sections have already undergone pre straightening and are not tangled. Use fast sharp brushing action on target tresses from the of the hair strands all the way down to the roots. Body and volume are easily achieved when the hair cuticle is ruffled caused by the back brushing action.  In order to shape and smoothen the teased section of your hair after achieving your desired hair volume; simply make use of your fingers.

Little Wonder Brushes Offers Lots of Styling Benefits!

Little Wonder hair brushes offer a lot of benefits if you use them the way that they are designed to be used. These Spornette teasing brushes are great for giving long heavy tresses some volume and lift. These hair brushes help create a smooth finish and can also be used on thin, soft and fine hair.  Little Wonder hair brushes are perfect for recreating really big hairdos that were quite popular back in the 50’s and 60’s. These brushes create volume on hair of any length; from really long to really short mane.  
Little Wonder teasing brushes are ideal for tresses which could suffer a lot more damage from the regular use of combs. These brushes feature boar bristles, which is perfect for thinning or fine hair.

Spornette Teasing Brushes – Little Wonder that it Achieves A Lot!  

Achieving drop-dead-gorgeous big hair is possible with the use of Little Wonder hair brushes from Spornette. Spornette teasing hair brushes are among the top rated brands of teasing brushes in the hairstyling business! Spornette has been producing top quality hair brushes for more than sixty years and they are STILL VERY RELEVANT in the hairstyling tool manufacturing industry!


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