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Spornette Classic Cushion Collection

Do you know that static electricity is generated when you brush your delicate hair, which may cause damage to your locks? A cushion hair brush comes with a rubber base which prevents unnecessary static that is often created when the hair is being brushed.

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Reviews for Spornette Classic Cushion Stylish Large Oval Nylon Bristles Hair Brush #21
$10.00 $10.00
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4 +$8.75

Reviews for Spornette Classic Cushion Stylish Large Oval Boar Bristles Hair Brush #21BW
$18.00 $18.00
2 – 3$17.00
4 +$16.50

Reviews for Spornette Classic Cushion Porcupine Oval Boar and Nylon Bristles Wooden Handle Hair Brush #25
$29.25 $29.25
2 – 3$28.25
4 +$27.75


Cushion Hair Brushes Does More than Just Brush your Hair!

That’s right! Cushion hair brushes do more than just give your hair a good brushing, they gently massage the scalp and also help to enhance blood flow, detangle hair, evenly spread sebum (natural oil released from the scalp’s sebaceous glands), smooth out frizzy hair, all without causing any structural damage to the hair shaft, the roots or the scalp. Cushion brushes feature rounded bristles, which are attached to an air-filled rubbery cushion at the base of the brush. These special hair brushes come highly recommended for medium-length to long locks that tend to tangle and suffer breakage. The air-filled rubber cushion of this hair brush conforms to the scalp’s shape and is designed to “absorb” any shock caused by intensive or harsh brushing. Cushion hair brushes are perfect for those with delicate hair that requires gentle styling.

Straighten, Curl up or Get Some Bounce and Volume with Cushion Hair Brushes!

Cushion hair brushes also work really well on medium-length wavy hair. However, you will achieve your desired result based on the width of the cushion hairbrush that you use. With a broader cushion brush, you will achieve straighter locks. To achieve more curls, you will need to use a cushion hairbrush with a smaller base. If you have limp or very fine hair, a cushion brush can be used in order to give your hair more volume and bounce – this can be done using a styling technique called “back combing”.

Keep Your Scalp and Hair Healthy the Natural Way

A lot of cushion hair brushes feature ball-tipped bristles – which look pretty much like droplets sitting on the tips of the bristles. The ball-tipped bristles do a neat job of massaging the scalp without scrapping off the skin. Getting the best of your cushion hair brush will mean that you follow some simple do’s and don’ts. Don’t use your cushion hair brush to brush your dripping-wet hair as this will lead to hair breakage. Do keep your hair brush clean by soaking it in soapy warm water and rinsing off the dirt using an old toothbrush. Do change your hair brush the moment you notice tip-less bristles, cushion is frayed or the hairbrush is really becoming tattered. A bad hair brush will cause more damage to the hair. Do brush your hair every single day; however, do not brush for too long.

Spornette – Get Your Desired Look!

Cushion hair brushes from Spornette are among the top rated hair brushes in the world. Since Spornette’s launch over sixty years ago, the quality of hair brushes produced by the Spornette company has remained top notch. If you are looking for the best type of cushion hair brushes, then you will be happy to know that you will be spoilt for choice at Spornette.

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