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Spornette Nylon Tipped Rounders

Adding body to your hair and amplifying volume while you create shiny and smooth tresses is possible with a rounder hair brush. A rounder hair brush (also called barrel brush) can be used to style hair and transform limp hair to beautiful and lustrous locks!

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Reviews for Spornette Double Stranded Nylon Tipped Rounder Hair Brush 2 Inch #962XL
$11.00 $11.00
2 – 3$10.00
4 +$9.50

Reviews for Spornette Double Stranded Nylon Tipped Rounder Hair Brush 2.5 Inch #964XL
$12.00 $12.00
2 – 3$11.00
4 +$10.50


Get Your Desired Hairstyle Different Sizes of Rounder Hair Brushes

There are different sizes of rounder hair brushes that you can use in order to help you to achieve your desired hairstyle. If the head of the rounder hair brush is small, you can achieve tighter curls or texture. If the head of the rounder hair brush is larger, you can achieve looser more textured hairstyle – not tight curls, but simple curves and waves. For those with shorter hair and want to achieve more volume, then they should consider using a rounder hair brush with a more open bristles. If you want to give your short hair a lift and curls, then choose a rounder brush with a small diameter barrel. For those with long hair who wish to achieve a lift and some curl, then the rounder hair brushes are recommended. If you want your long hair to be curlier, then use a rounder hairbrush with medium barrel size.

Rounder Hair Brushes – A Must-Have Styling Tool for Thin or Fine Hair

Rounder hair brushes are perfect tools to give thin or fine hair more volume. It is important that you choose to purchase rounder brushes of the best quality. The one hundred boar bristle hair brushes are known to be the best for styling hair. You should not choose brushes that have sharp bristles because the sharpness of the bristles can cut through the delicate strands of your hair and lead to hair breakage.

Ensure that Your Hair and Scalp is Healthy

Rounder hair brushes are designed to help keep the hair clean and healthy naturally. With the nylon or boar bristle rounder hair brush, you can easily style your hair and retain your hairdo. It is important that you choose the round hair brush that will be perfect for keeping your hair styled just the way you want it.  A rounder hair brush is also carefully designed in order to help you to gently brush away debris, dirt and dandruff from your scalp – leaving it clean and healthy. The bristles on rounder hair brushes do a pretty neat job of stimulating your scalp and encouraging the production of natural hair oils (known as sebum) in order to coat the hair shaft and leave you with silky, glowing and lively-looking gorgeous tresses!

Spornette – Beautiful Hair Is Only Spornette Hairbrush Away!

Rounder hair brushes produced by Spornette are known for their top quality and durability. Spornette is a fourth generation-run hair brush manufacturing company that has been producing top of the line products for more than 60 years! This company boasts of producing the most popular brand of hair brushes in the United States. You can check out the different sizes, colors and types of rounder hairbrushes from Spornette.    

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