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Spornette Porcupine Hair Brushes

Spornette Porcupine Hair Brush

Have you been trying to get your hair well styled and you do not seem to be achieving desired results? Then you could be using the wrong hair brush! Porcupine hair brush from Spornette will help you achieve beautiful hairstyles and keep your hair healthy. It does not matter if your hair is thick or normal, you can count on a porcupine hair brush to keep you well groomed.

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Reviews for Spornette Porcupine Hair Brush Boar and Nylon Bristle Rounder Wooden Handle 2 Inch #G36
$13.00 $13.00
2 – 3$12.00
4 +$11.75

Reviews for Spornette Porcupine Hair Brush Boar and Nylon Bristle Rounder Wooden Handle 3 Inch #G36XL
$16.00 $16.00
2 – 3$15.00
4 +$14.75

Reviews for Spornette Porcupine Hair Brush Boar and Nylon Bristle Rounder Wooden Handle 3.5 Inch G36XXL
$20.00 $20.00
2 – 3$19.00
4 +$18.50

Reviews for Spornette Porcupine Hair Brush Boar and Nylon Bristle Rounder Wooden Pin Tail Handle  1.75 Inch #G
$11.00 $11.00
2 – 3$10.00
4 +$9.75

Create Your Ideal Hairstyle with Porcupine Hair Brushes

Porcupine hair brushes from Spornette are one of the many models of hairbrushes designed and manufactured to help you to create your very own unique hairdos. The porcupine brushes feature a unique balance of nylon and boar bristles. Thanks to the brush’s white nylon bristles, you can count on getting deep penetration for your hair, regardless of its texture – this is especially valuable when you want to effectively detangle damp hair. The black colored boar bristles holds your hair in place in order to achieve a superb hairstyling results. Porcupine hair brushes are also known to help evenly distribute your hairs’ natural oils (known as sebum). You will be glad to know that you can choose the Porcupine hair brush that will be suitable for your hair length – there are 5 sizes of brushes available in the Spornette Porcupine set which can be used by people of every color and hair texture.

Porcupine Hair Brushes Offers Numerous Advantages

Porcupine hair brushes from Spornette offer a lot of advantages to those who use them. Because the bristles of a Porcupine hair brush are closely packed, you can get rid of dirt, dandruff and debris from your hair just by giving it a good brushing. The bristles on this type of hairbrush are smooth; they will not cause damage to your hair follicles. You can naturally distribute oils to your dry hair and scalp, when you brush with a porcupine hair brush – the bristles do a pretty great job of evenly distributing the hairs’ natural oils. Because of the brushing action, your scalp will receive a stimulating massage that encourages the flow of oxygen flow, blood and essential nutrients to the hair follicles; thereby encouraging hair growth. Quality porcupine hair brush from Spornette has natural components, which help you achieve glowing and damage free tresses!

Take Care of Your Hair the Natural Way

The name Porcupine could send signals to the brain saying that this brush could cause some significant damage to your hair. Porcupine hair brushes features tufted bristles and will not cause any damage your hair. As a matter of fact a Porcupine hairbrush is known to be among a couple of the best kind of hair brushes used for effectively managing fine hair – these brushes are very gentle on the hair and scalp.

Incredible Hairstyling Tools from Spornette! 

Spornette does not only provide Porcupine hair brushes that are top quality, this company also provides styling tools that have been backed by over forty years of research. Hair brushes from Spornette are guaranteed to help you look and feel good.

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