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Super Million Hair

Hair fibers are a great solution to hair loss and hair thinning in men and women. Shop for hair fibers and other hair loss and hair thinning products by trusted brands like Super Million Hair. Super Million Hair offers instant results. 
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Super Million Hair delivers hair enhancement fibers to help you solve your thinning hair problem in mere seconds! It works by adhering hair fibers to your thinning hair via static electricity, adding volume to your existing hair.

What are Super Million Hair Fibers?
Super Million Hair is specially produced artificial hair that is cut into small sections. These hair fibers cling to your existing hair to conceal your thinning hair. Since the Japan-based Super Million Hair first opened for business in 1973, it had been studying and advancing the cosmetic science of hair loss and concealing hair loss. That dedication has made it a leader in the field and made their Super Million hair fibers one of the best selling hair products for thinning hair.

To apply, simply sprinkle Super Million Hair Fibers over the thinning area. In seconds, thousands of tiny color matched hair fibers will cling with your own hair. Charged with static electricity, they bond so securely that they stay in place all day and night, even through wind, rain or vigorous exercise.

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