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Terrific Fountains Love Angel Water Fountain
Terrific Fountains

Terrific Fountains Love Angel Water Fountain

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Terrific Fountains Love Angel Water Fountain

Love Angel Indoor / Outdoor LED Water Fountain
Angelic in form and twice as tranquil, this LED water fountain looks great anywhere in your home. It also adds a great touch to a garden, entry way or porch. 

At night the soft LED lighting illuminates the water as it flows softly down the fountain. It creates a relaxing ambiance that will help sooth and relax anyone.

These fountains are eye catching works of art that look great with any style or decor.

For centuries people have been drawn to the soft sounds of a babbling brook or a soothing stream and now you can capture that terrific sound in the convenience of your own home, apartment or garden.

Stylish and sleek barely describe the artistic beauty that one of our fountains can bring to your living space. Each piece is a hand sculpted work of art that not only makes a statement but can stand on it's own as an artistic focal point for any room.

They are not for indoor use only. Each and every one of our fountains can be used outside in your garden, yard or patio. Every plant in your garden will benefit from the added humidity that a fountain can bring and wildlife will be naturally attracted to the flowing water.

Go Green with an energy efficient LED fountain! Our fountains use LED lighting. These soft simple lights are extremely energy efficient and will last for years to come. The benefits of LED lighting can be seen just about everywhere. Simply put they are brighter, last longer and use much less energy.

Brand: Terrific Fountains
100% Guaranteed Authentic


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