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Toppik Fiberhold Spray 4oz

Toppik Fiberhold Spray 4oz

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Toppik Fiberhold Spray 4oz

Toppik FiberHold Spray is a fine mistspecifically developed to increase the bond between Toppik Fibers andthinning hairs. Unlike ordinary hair sprays, this formula usessophisticated alpha grade resins to join thinner hair and Toppik fibersnaturally and durably.

Pro Vitamin B5 and naturally derivedingredients soften and condition both hair and Fibers optimally for acompletely natural appearance. pH balanced to 5.5 for optimum resultswith Toppik Hair Building Fibers. You may even brush after drying for asofter style with ample fiber-holding power.

Brand: Toppik
100% Guaranteed Authentic


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