Comparing Hair Removal Wax Brands: GiGi, Satin Smooth, Depileve & More

The beauty industry is full of buzz about specific brands. Whether you’re a professional shopping for affordability on your favorite GiGi waxing kit, or a waxing newbie looking for some insight into which brand will fit your needs, offers the hair removal wax, products and accessories essential to hair removal. Choose from the following brands offered on


As one of the most well-known manufacturers in hair removal wax, GiGi and its affiliated products are still the preferred brand by many beauty salon professionals. One of the biggest advantages GiGi has over its competitors is its sheer volume of wax product offerings. From Brazilian waxes for course hair removal to milk chocolate wax that creates a mouth-watering aroma, GiGi wax kits to individual GiGi wax products, the brand can offer an unmatched selection.

Here are a few of GiGi’s most popular, and unique, waxing products:

Satin Smooth

With over 10 years of experience in the hair removal wax industry, Satin Smooth offers a variety of wax products and appliances. As a division of the professional Conair Corporation, this brand has been a popular name among the industry for years. Unlike some of its competitors, many Satin Smooth waxes incorporate natural elements, such as vitamin E, eucalyptus, aloe vera and zinc oxide for sensitive skin.

Here are some popular wax items by Satin Smooth:

Clean + Easy

The Clean + Easy brand offers a product unique to its name: a roll-on wax kit. This eliminates the mess that is often created during the hair removal waxing process. These little instruments make at-home waxing simple and worry-free. The kit includes the roll-on wax dispenser, a wax refill and epilating cloth. The brand also offers a variety of waxes, accessories and before and after care items. Choose from some of these Clean + Easy products:


The choice of many salon pros, Depileve has both public and professional wax product offerings. From paraffin waxes to a wax line specifically designed for the most “intimate” areas, Depileve has a robust selection of hair removal waxing products. Choose from some of these popular Depileve items:

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