Equipping Your Nail Salon: Nail Equipment, Polish and Accessories

In the business of nails, appearance is everything, which is why successful nail salons buy equipment that combines beauty and functionality. At BigDaddyBeauty.com, you will find nail salon supplies and equipment for manicures and pedicures that offer a superior experience and result. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a thriving salon with a loyal clientele, BigDaddyBeauty.com is your leading nail salon supplier.

Most spa visitors come to salons for relaxation and stress management, which means these should be some of your first considerations when purchasing nail supplies and equipment. Your goal is to provide your clients with a relaxing, beautifying spa experience. How do you do this? By using spa units that encourage indulgence and nail salon supplies that produce a high-quality finished product.

It’s important to stay ahead of the game in the nail business, so offer your clients some of the most popular services and treatments on the market today. The constantly changing needs of nail salon patrons lead to a variety of trending products and processes for manicures and pedicures. From gel nail products to sweet vanilla paraffin wax treatments, BigDaddyBeauty.com has the variety and quality you’re looking for when you’re stocking a nail salon.


Manicure Products

Pedicure Products

It’s not just the d├ęcor elements that execute a beautiful manicure or pedicure; the hardware accessories for nail salons are a vital part of manicure and pedicure services as well. Shop nail accessories, including manicure and pedicure kits, skin treatments and moisturizers, at BigDaddyBauty.com. Your nail salon can be equipped with professional tools including files, nail scissors and clippers. Shop below for nail salon tools and accessories.


Nail Salon Accessories

In the realm of equipment, it’s best to return to that initial goal: relaxation. If you’re searching for a pedicure unit that saturates your clients in luxury, consider the Pibbs Amalfi Hideaway Pedi Spa. Picture your clients settling into Amalfi’s plush leather seat, soothed by the heated and massaging chair back. The foot bath retracts for easy storage, and the unit is portable with no plumbing required. It is the ultimate marriage of convenience and performance. The Amalfi is just one in a line of spa units that BigDaddyBeauty.com offers to help you spoil your clients. Look below for our entire selection of manicure tables, pedicure units and pedicure stools.


Nail Salon Equipment

  • Manicure Tables
  • Pedicure Units

If you don’t own a salon, you can still benefit from professional, high quality nail supplies and equipment. Create a home spa by purchasing your own nail polish collection and manicure kit. Shop nail technician supplies and other nail products at BigDaddyBeauty.com.

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