Gel Nail Polish vs. Regular Nail Polish: Professional Nail Advice

If you’re looking for a nail service that lasts longer and gives you your money’s worth, try getting a manicure using gel nail products. Who wouldn’t rejoice over a three week, chip-free manicure? That being said, gel nail manicures and pedicures do require a bit more work up front, including applying a base coat, top coat, gel polish, cleanser and several minutes under an LED or UV light, but the results are extremely gratifying. If you’re a salon owner looking for a new nail service, gel nail products are a must have. provides you with a variety of gel nail products and polishes so you can stock your salon or small business.

Whether you’re a nail technician or just someone interested in learning more about gel nail polish versus regular nail polish, look below to see how Gelish Gel Nail Polish stacks up against China Glaze Nail Polish and Color Club Nail Polish. You can find all three professional quality brands at

Gelish Gel Nail Polish


  • Last up to three weeks
  • Chip-free
  • Salon quality finish
  • Can be applied to natural nails
  • Can be applied to nail tips to extend the nail
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Larger upfront costs
  • Requires LED or UV light for long-lasting effect

If you’re in search of a high quality polish that is less time intensive, consider China Glaze. Unlike, gel polish, China Glaze will not last for weeks unscathed; however, it does contain China Clay, a hardening agent that improves their shine and durability.

China Glaze Nail Polish


  • Contains China Clay as a nail hardener
  • Professional quality
  • Chip resistant
  • Fade resistant
  • Offers crackle polish, which creates a crackled look over base nail color
  • Variety of creative colors


  • Does not last as long as gel polish
  • Though chip resistant, it is not chip-free

For a short term polish that veers toward the fun and flirty, consider a collection of Color Club Nail Polishes. Color Club offers a great variety of quirky polishes including the Color Club Wicked Sweet Scented Nail Lacquer and Color Club Poptastic Bright Neon Collection.

Color Club Nail Polish


  • Professional formula
  • Chip resistant
  • Long wearing
  • High gloss
  • Great coverage
  • Contains no Toulene, Formaldehyde, or DBP
  • Variety of unique collections including scented nail polish and neon colors


  • Does not last as long as gel polish
  • Though chip resistant, it is not chip-free

Shop these brands and more nail salon supplies at, where we offer the name brands you trust for less! Brief: If you’re looking for a manicure that will last longer, chip less and give you your money’s worth, look no further than gel nail polish from Gel nail polish is not just a new color or sheen, it’s a comprehensive system. Learn more now! Detailed:

Gel polish is a comprehensive system that leaves you with chip-proof nails for weeks longer than regular nail polish. Salon professionals and at-home users will love’s expansive supply of gel nail products available at affordable prices. Choose from an 84 color assortment of Gelish Gel Polish. Gelish Harmony Polish applies like regular polish, but it is dried beneath an LED lamp, allowing it to last about three weeks. As a revolutionary trend, gel nail products have made having flawless, long lasting nails a reality.


Gel Nail Polish Details

New to the nail scene in 2010, gel polish or soak-off gel polish is carefully applied in layers with a brush and then cured beneath a UV light to dry and harden. Gel nail polish lasts two to three weeks without chipping. The UV light helps the polish dry fast, which reduces the likelihood of dents, chips and smudges. Not only can gel polish be applied to natural nails, it can also be added to a nail tip to extend the length of your nails. carries the gel polish products that you need to offer professional gel polish services or apply gel polish at home. Check out our comprehensive selection of gel nail products below:


Gel Nail System Guide

  1. Gelish Harmony Base Coat: Creates the adhesive bond between nail plate and gel polish.
  2. Gelish Harmony Top Coat: A top gel that seals the gel nail polish.
  3. Gelish Harmony Cleanser: Applied after top coat to provide a high-shine finish.
  4. Gelish Harmony Gel Removers: Removes gel polish in minutes.
  5. Gelish Harmony Soak Off Gel Polish: Polish that performs like a gel, but applies like a polish.

For Professionals and Consumers

If you’re a nail technician or salon owner looking for new service ideas, offering gel nail systems can be a great business booster. Today, women not only want beautiful nails, they want beautiful nails that last for weeks with little or no maintenance. By providing these superior products and treatments, you’re giving clients a manicure that will keep them coming back. At you will find all of your gel system supply needs, including gel polish, base and top coats, cleansers and removers and even UV/LED lamps, such as Thermal Spa’s UV Auto Gel Lamp.

Women who prefer to skip the salon, but still want flawless, long-lasting nails can purchase their own gel polish and accessories. Choose from a large assortment of Gelish Gel Polish colors including emerald dust, mint icing and tiger blossom.


Gel Nail Systems Products for Professionals and Consumers

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