Guide to Buying Barber Clippers: Professional Barber Shop Supplies

Finding quality hair clippers for your barber shop should not be a difficult task; however, all of the options available can make the process a challenge. To ease your troubles, and your work load, read through this hair clippers buying guide to find a range of top brand clippers at prices that are affordable.

Though our barber supplies are professional quality, they are available to both stylists and people who simply want to cut hair at home. Owning quality clippers is a great investment for you and your family because you save on long term haircutting costs and avoid having to schedule an appointment in a salon.

Shop by Type: If you feel pretty strongly about corded vs. cordless trimmers, shopping by type is the way to go. At we sell corded hair clippers, cordless and a full selection of haircutting sets to cover all of your haircutting needs.

  • Corded Hair Clippers
  • Cordless Hair Clippers
  • Haircutting Kits

Shop by Brand:Are you partial to a certain brand of clippers? Brands are important because you may have certain expectations that one specific brand fulfills, or perhaps you love the brand that your dad always used on his hair. If so, then use our quick guide below to see clippers by brand here at

  • Andis: Peruse clippers, trimmers and clipper/trimmer combos with a variety of features including high speed magnetic motors, stylish designs and even lights for precise clipping.
  • Oster: Browse the highly regarded clippers and accessories by Oster Professional. Shop multi-piece kits, ergonomic designs and close-cutting blades.
  • Wahl: Check out our unique selection of Wahl clippers with such features as color coded haircutting guides, peanut clippers and high precision blades.

Shop by Desired Results: Our results section lets you shop hair clippers according to your specific needs. For example, you may want clippers that cut wet hair, or you’re looking for a set that is battery operated for use at work or in other locations. View the various need statements below to find your ideal hair clippers.

I want a clipper that cuts wet and dry hair, is easy to hold and has adjustable blades.

  • Andis Colorwaves Clipper/Trimmer Combo
  • Andis Ceramic VueMaster Illuminating Clipper

I want a convenient clipper that I can use without plugging it in, that has a sleek design and style.

  • Andis Ruby Cordless Hair Clipper/Trimmer
  • Andis Power Trim + Cordless Clipper/Trimmer

I want a complete haircutting kit that includes accessories, guides and multiple combs or blades.

  • Oster Azteq 15 Piece Hair Clipper
  • Andis Elevate Pivot Motor Clipper/Trimmer Combo
  • Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper

I want a clipper/trimmer combo so that I can easily cut and style my own hair.

  • Andis E. Logica Clipper/Trimmer Combo
  • Wahl Professional Peanut Clipper/Trimmer
  • Oster TEQie Hair Clipper/Trimmer

Shop these barber shop supplies, and more, at We proudly offer the name brands you trust for less.

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