Guide to Choosing & Wearing Feather Hair Extensions

To add a little bit of flare, and a lot of personality, to your look, add a feather hair extension to your hair style. Whether you’re an individual shopping for feather extensions or a salon owner looking to stock the feather display at your reception desk, check out the deals that has on a variety of these fun, trendy feathers. Feather hair extensions are available in a variety of colors and lengths that can be attached to your hair to give your look an edge. offers you the latest in feather hair extensions in an array of fashion forward styles from Hot Pink Mia Clip-n Feathers to Brown and Tan Grizzlies Feather Angel Extensions. These professional feather hair extensions are ideal for salons that want to provide clients with a fun add-on service, as well as individuals looking to add a new accessory to their look.

Choosing Feather Hair Extensions

  • Choose your color. Consider how pronounced you want the extension to be. If you prefer to make an impact, opt for bright colored extensions like Feather Angel’s Green Feather Hair Extensions. For a more subtle change, choose extensions that closely match your current hair color.
  • Choose your style. Feather hair extensions are attached using a clip-in method or by stranding your hair through a small bead attached to the extension. While clip-in methods are ideal if you’re looking to frequently change your extension, the stranded method provides you with a longer term accessory.
  • Choose your impact. When you’re choosing your feather hair extensions, think about where you want to wear it. For instance, if the feather extension is going to be worn at work, and your office is conservative, think about an extension that will blend more with your hair and clothing, such as Babe’s Solid Black Feather Hair Extension.

Wearing Feather Hair Extensions

After you’ve purchased your feather hair extensions, you might be wondering how to wear them. Fortunately, attaching the extension to your hair is simple and can be done in minutes. Check out this short guide to attaching feather hair extensions.

How to Attach Feather Hair Extensions

  1. Choose where you want to place the hair extension. Keep in mind that if you place it too deep in your hair it may not be visible, but if you attach it too close to the top of your head, the clip may show if you wear your hair back. Many people choose to attach feather extensions somewhere in the hair that frames their face.
  2. Pull a few strands of your hair through the micro link bead that accompanies the extension.
  3. Using the bead tool provided, crimp the bead and your extension should be attached!
    Note: If you purchase a clip-in extension, such as Mia’s Clip-n Feathers, you simply clip the extension to your hair and go.
  4. Think about coordinating your feather extension with a piece of clothing or an accessory to bring out the color. For example, if you’re wearing Babe’s Striped Red Feather Extensions, pair the hair accessory with a red belt or red heels so your feather pops!

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